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You Don't Care About Yourself.

Maybe the internet fitspos are trying to guilt you into "health" by saying you just don't care enough about yourself. But what if that's not the problem?

The problem isn’t that you don’t care about your health & fitness goals.

The problem is that you care too much about everything else.

Do you ever think:

Am I doing this right?

Are people looking at me?

Should I try that instead?

Will I mess up?

Is today the best day to start?

Can I get there faster with something else?

Do I need practice first?

Will my friends support me?

Have I waited too long?

Good news: you’re human. You’re not broken for caring or thinking about those things. You’re not stupid or less or lost. But you CAN start proving to yourself that you care more about your goals than the things that interfere with them.

If you're ready to try something new, shoot me an email at

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