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  • Do I need access to a gym?
    No. I customize programs for the individual, which means I take into consideration your fitness level, equipment access, mobility limitations, personal goals, and availability. Whether you just have an empty room, a set of dumbbells, or access to a full gym, I create workouts that will make you feel good about your progress. If you are unsure whether equipment access could be beneficial for your goals, I can make reccomendations on our intial call.
  • What is an online fitness program?
    When you sign up for custom online fitness programming, I create customized workouts for you. This means you will have a plan that follows a progressions, so you will be able to track progress & see results. Every coaching client will fill out an initial client questionnaire and complete a virtual assessment on your own time. This allows me to design a successful program for YOU. You will receive feedback on workout comments, form correction, and access to my free resource library, movement demos, & weekly check-in forms. With coaching, you don't just get sent a PDF with confusing workouts and have to fend for yourself -- you'll have your own (free) login to an app, where you will access everything you need + be able to communicate with me directly.
  • How much do you charge?
    Online Coaching is a more affordable alternative to personal training or group fitness classes, if you are serious about your goals and want to continue progressing. You will get value beyond just purchasing a random workout or 30-day guide because I take in account your lifestyle, goals, current fitness level, and experience. I also help make adjustments to your workout program when travel, sickness, or other unplanned life events throw off your routine. I am always happy to send over my full pricing breakdowns; just shoot me an email at
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Healthy Movement Matters offers 10% OFF of all packages for students with a valid ID.
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