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verb - be of importance; have significance

noun - an affair or situation under consideration; a topic to discuss

I created Healthy Movement Matters to help guide you into the movement that makes your body feel strong, capable, dependable. I believe in focusing on healthy movement because it puts you on the path for a better quality of life, whether you are training for a competition, want to run your first 5k, or trying to get strong for a job. It is empowering to feel capable in your body.

TLDR: Let's focus on healthy movement - so you can do more of what you love.



Ellie is a practicing certified personal trainer (ACE, 2016) and functional training specialist with a love for movement and strength. She began her own fitness journey in 2013, when she started accompanying her brother to the gym. Ellie fell in love with the weights  and entered her first NPC bodybuilding show in 2014. After becoming a nationally-qualified  bikini competitor the next year, she stepped into a more holistic approach to health and fitness.

Ellie worked as a trainer at her college's recreation center while earning her B.S. in Business Administration and went on to work in boutique gym management. She continues to pursue education in movement and fitness, as she guides clients at Healthy Movement Matters LLC. Her most recent certification is through Girls Gone Strong for Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Coaching.

Ellie has worked with clients that range from ages 15 to 91 (yes, you read that right!). Her programming focuses on strength and movement goals to help people perform better in their jobs, sports, and daily activities.

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