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21 Health & Fitness Goals Unrelated to Weight loss

Reminder: Your health and fitness goals do not need to revolve around weight loss.

It might be hard to remember that health and fitness is so much more than just working to lose weight. If you need a few ideas, here are 21 different ways to prioritize your health in 2021:

1- Have a veggie every day

2- Make water your drink of choice

3- Move for 5 minutes every morning

4- Decrease screen time

5- Walk barefoot more often

6- Get sunshine most days

7- More nasal breathing

8- Turn off lights before bed

9- Educate yourself each day

10- Schedule monthly hikes

11- Switch to natural cleaning products

12- Try a new fruit each week

13- Sing and dance more

14- Learn a new skill

15- Add protein to your meals

16- Take active work breaks

17- Decrease sugar consumption

18- Have social interaction

19- Set a performance goal

20- Use glass vs. plastic containers

21- Take up a rec sport

Look, goals that include weight loss or weight gain can be productive. Just make sure you combine them with actions that lead to sustainable health, and unfollow that person using waist trainers & fat burners.

Now, share your simple goal with a friend. Start today. Take small steps. You've got this.

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